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I believe that our most important journey - first and foremost - is within ourselves. For without knowing who we truly are and cultivating our own strength and light we will never be truly happy and will always be seeking outside of ourselves for someone or something to give us happiness, peace and validation. And nothing outside of ourselves will ever truly give us that. It takes courage to continually inquire know yourself.  The modern world is so full of distractions and avoidance of the uncomfortable feelings, it is no wonder that people do not know who they are. It is easy to become lost. All the challenges we face in our lives though are initiations that facilitate our growth towards the light...they offer us tremendous opportunity to grow and expand beyond the limitations of our minds. 
All of life is light. We are light in bodies...stars wrapped in skin.

Live with Light Breathwork

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Breathwork Private Session


1hr. session

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“For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth.” ~ Sanskrit proverb

What is Breathwork ?

An ancient two-stage pranayama breath meditation. Breathing is the most powerful instrument to self-healing and some of the benefits are:​


*Balances your energy and works through blocks.

*Moves you out of your mind and into your heart.

*Connects you to your energy flow.

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Breathwork Class Testimonials

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

My first breathwork class with Annabel was somehow sacred, fun, gentle, intense, invigorating, empowering and relaxing all at once. Or at least all of those in such quick succession that I had one of the most powerful healing experiences I’ve ever had. Thanks for such a lovely experience last session. I can’t wait to come back!" ~ Sandra

Starry Sky

Annabel’s breathwork class is like an hour-long mini retreat! I’m a pretty rational person, but there are some challenges that you can’t reason your way through. Taking Annabel’s class allowed me to get out of my head and back in touch with my intuition and my heart—and  experience deep insight in the process! Annabel exudes healing energy and she guides you through the experience beautifully, incorporating clear instruction, great music, and inspiring words. Can’t recommend this class highly enough! ~ Melora

Mountain Landscape

"Annabel’s breathwork sessions are amazing! I always leave her gracefully guided healings feeling rejuvenated and energized.  Annabel sets a loving and safe space which allows energies to easily release.  I feel completely supported to express and let go, and the accompanying music playlist she selects makes it fun!  I always look forward to participating, feeling excited to delve in and experience the magic that transpires both during and even after her sessions." ~ Melanie 

Peaks Above Clouds

"Annabel’s class is excellent.  She has the healing intuition and knows what areas are blocked.  She helps you through your breathing and is right there to offer support. I thoroughly enjoyed doing breathwork with her.  It’s all about energy and she has the best! I highly recommend taking this class." ~ Beth Smith

Energy Healing

Live with Light Workshops



Brasil Brasil Cultural Center

Body, Mind, Balance


 Some of the benefits are: 


*Restores the body's balance creating a sense of wellbeing. 

*Provides a sense of deep relaxation and release of stress.

*Creates a state of receptivity and clarity of mind.

Live with Light Workshops

In this workshop you will discover ways in which to connect to your power center, to live from that place daily as much as possible, to be aware of all the support around you from the seen and unseen world and to SHINE your unique light! The threads of light within you connect out to the threads of light everywhere.

My Artwork

My inspiration comes from all of life; its beauty, its ever-changing form, the light and dark, the extremes it encompasses and all the colors in between. I have always been fascinated with the power and beauty of color, the merging and mixing of it and the many shades and shapes it can develop into. My intention with my paintings is that they connect with something inside of each person.