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What does it mean to Live with Light? 

It means to live from your heart and your truth. It means to truly listen to that still small voice within you and to follow it's guidance however hard that may be ~ and it can be hard. It means to know that life is filled with light and darkness and that's ok. The sun and moon shine their light each day whether it be the brightest of skies or the darkest. They are a reminder to keep standing in our light, to not be afraid and to embrace all that we are. 

All of life is light. We are light in bodies...stars wrapped in skin.

Live with Light Breathwork


Where: Charters Leisure Centre (in the studio), Charters Rd., Sunningdale, Ascot SL5 9QY

When: Saturdays beginning April 2nd

Time: 11am - 12pm

What to bring: Yoga mat (or something to lie on), water, something warm eg. a blanket

What to wear: Loose, comfortable clothing

Cost: £15 per class

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What is Breathwork?

An ancient two-stage pranayama breath meditation. Breathing is the most powerful instrument to self-healing and some of the benefits are:​


*Balances your energy and works through blocks.

*Moves you out of your mind and into your heart.

*Connects you to your energy flow.

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Breathwork Testimonials


My first breathwork class with Annabel was somehow sacred, fun, gentle, intense, invigorating, empowering and relaxing all at once. Or at least all of those in such quick succession that I had one of the most powerful healing experiences I’ve ever had. Thanks for such a lovely experience last session. I can’t wait to come back!" ~ Sandra

We must shine a Light on all the ways of being that do not serve us any more, so that we can truly shine our Light. 

- Annabel Ruffell

More testimonials here 

Live with Light

© 2022 Annabel Ruffell

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