"My inspiration

comes from all of life;

its beauty, its ever-changing form, the light

and dark, the extremes it encompasses and all the colors in between. I have always been fascinated with the power and beauty of color, the merging and mixing of it and the many shades and shapes it can develop into. My intention with my paintings is that they connect with something inside of each person."

- Annabel Ruffell




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If you are interested in purchasing a painting please email me. If the one that you like has sold, I am able to paint it again and I also do commissioned work, murals and decorate glass jars (great for flowers, pens, crayons, candles). 

Regarding the murals, many images and designs are available for kids rooms, playrooms, living rooms, outside spaces, stores, schools and more. 

Please contact me at annabel@annabelruffellart.com for more info and prices.

Decorated Recycled Glass Jars