"Come forth into the light of things, Let Nature be your teacher.

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart."

- William Wordsworth


"After the energy healing I felt peaceful and light the whole day yesterday. Thank you so much for helping me release the tension and unease I was feeling over work and instead focus on peace and joyful energy. When we first started I had a lot of wandering thoughts, but as you progressed with the healing throughout different parts of my body I felt more relaxed. The words peace joy and strength kept coming up for me. I saw colors when you were at my heart center and felt a comfortable warmth when you were at my temples. Thank you! I look forward to our next session." - Crystal

"I felt peaceful and relaxed and had the first full refreshing sleep in a long time that night. I also saw vibrant shifting colors and felt a lot of heat coming from your hands." ~ Martin

"Thank you for the session Annabel. I definitely feel that something has shifted and I feel better for it. I don't use the phrase “you're a natural ” very often, however I find it applicable here. You have something unusual...the ability to access true energy. I consider the experience I had to be truly magical ...unexpected and I've been telling lots of like-minded people about you. I just want everyone to have access to this gift."   - Fiona Sanderson

"Thank you Annabel for the transformative energy treatment. It was my first such experience. I went in to help the healing process on the anniversary of a devastating event. The mood you created was peaceful and harmonious, and the treatment itself was deceptively simple! It felt like a very relaxing 40 minute rest. That evening and the next day I felt connected to, and moved through, very deep-seated grief. It was what I have needed to do for a long time but never had the time, focus, or space to do it. I feel that I came out of the experience stronger and brighter, and that my body and soul thanked me. And I thank you, Annabel! Not only was the treatment itself important, but your 'permission' to go with whatever comes up allowed me to notice it, sit with it, and not run away from it. The treatment was a powerful healing experience and I look forward to doing more of them. " - LH

"My experience with Annabel was incredibly peaceful and healing. I felt a real sense of warmth and compassion through her presence and touch, and I can't wait to enjoy another session." ~ Shannon 

"When it comes to energy  healing I really had no idea what was going to happen. Annabel provided a comfortable, safe space for me to have my first experience.  I honestly thought it would be a calming 'time out of a busy day' relaxing thing, but what happened for me was far more that I ever expected. I had a profound experience. I would say that Annabel is an amazing healer. I saw colour and experienced peace. I had brief visions that helped me reconcile past painful feelings. The session has given me confidence. I left feeling calm and empowered - and yes relaxed!! I knew it would be good but never expected such great results. Thank you Annabel." ~ Josh P.

"I am so pleased with the session I had with Annabel, I was extremely relaxed, she made the experience very pleasant. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a great way to meditate and feel energized afterwards. Thank you Annabel, I'll be back to do it again." ~  Ziad Batal

"I felt energy traveling through my body the second Annabel touched my feet.  I felt very relaxed and energized after our session. She really has a gift." ~ Beth S.