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“If in our journey, we lose our way

Remember always we must not stay

Lost in the past of yesterday

Our true home beckons, with guiding light

We must follow bravely from inner sight

The future's brilliance seen as we roam

Will always guide us back to our home."

- Douglas Taylor

I feel our most important journey in this life is stepping into the light of who we truly are in every area of our lives, which is not our ego, our thoughts, whatever we have done that we consider "bad" or "wrong", other peoples opinions of us, self-doubt, comparing ourselves to others etc.

All this clouds the truth of who we are. True strength comes from within...from growing our flame of love and light for ourselves within our own hearts, clearing away old hurts, embracing our power and learning to stand strong whatever is happening around us.

In this workshop you will discover ways in which to:


*Connect to your power center

*Clear old energy and to claim back lost energy

*Live from a place of strength daily as much as possible

*To be aware of all the support around you from the seen and unseen world 

*SHINE your unique light!

The threads of light within you connect out to the threads of light everywhere. 


Upcoming workshops ~

Will post soon! :) 

Previous workshops ~

March 12th ~ Mindful Mondays at Framed Salon 7pm-9pm 2821 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica

December 4th ~ Mindful Mondays at Framed Salon 7pm-9pm 2821 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica


October 7th ~ Brasil Brasil Cultural Center 3pm-5pm at 12453 Washington Blvd. LA CA 90066

September 24th ~ Ladan's Fitness and Healing Club 2pm-4pm at 11660 W Olympic Blvd., LA 90064

August 20th ~ Brasil Brasil Cultural Center 4.30pm-6.30pm at 12453 Washington Blvd. LA CA 90066

August 19th ~ Mystic Journey 3-5pm at 1702 Lincoln Blvd. LA CA 90291


Live with Light/Breathwork Workshops


"Annabel's offerings begin with her very presence; she embues a vibration of calm, gentle exploration. The tools she shares are rich for all, regardless of how long they have been on their path. The collection of skills and questions create a remarkably well rounded experience, and each morsel would be a valuable stand alone gift. We look forward to hosting Annabel again! " ~ Andi Scarbrough

"I got so much out of the Live with Light workshop...Annabel provided useful exercises that forced me to think about what it is i truly value in life, and what values I need to work more towards fulfilling!  Annabel has the most gentle energy that really creates a safe space for sharing the feelings that come up. It was also extremely helpful to hear from other people in the class, and the whole experiences provided an interesting exchange between people that I think was deeply beneficial for everyone. We were able to share specific personal obstacles and then right there an then come up with solutions, weather in practice or just changing language we use to describe ourselves. Very interesting and helpful workshop!" ~ Clancey C. 

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” - Aristotle

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